About Us

Bugiri Baptist Church is a faith / church organization based and was established in 2005.

We started a ministry called Ras-Camp (Rise and Shine Youth Ministry. The ministry targets young people in schools, one of its core objective, is to win students to Christ and transform them into disciple of Christ. We do also put emphasis on academic excellence among others. We can only meet our objectives when we have our own school where our doctrines are impacted into learners before we can spread to other institutions.


Objectives and statements of belief

The Main Objectives

  1. Purposely nurture students to live effectively and purposeful lives pleasing to the lord in everything.
  2. Empowering teenagers, students and youth to stay sexually pure in this sexually perverse generation with the truth of God’s word.
  3. Establishing a clear leadership and operation of youth / students fellowship structure and resource package with a set of activities including Bible studies, discipleship classes, student fellowship conferences, evangelism and missions.
  4. Evolving and building leadership teams from within their membership.
  5. Having a dedicated investment into students ministry based on the principle and belief that,  “Today’s investment is tomorrow’s asset and dividend”.
  6. Purposely building partnership with organizations/ individuals with similar vision.
  7. Put focus on discipleship which is key to growth and retaining students in church.
  8. Purity is possible (PiP) campaigns: that is an effective way of reaching out for secondary schools.
  9. Ensuring that each believer has a Bible.

Statement of beliefs

This generation and the next generation must be reached. We shall achieve our mission through:

  1. Reaching out to others with good news
  2. Building up one another with faith
  3. Caring for one another in the Church Family and the Local Church Community